Do you believe in Magic?

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Do you believe in MAGIC? There are all kinds of magic in the world we see it everyday on social media. A woman gives birth to twins that have different fathers or a shop owner has a broom that stands up on its own. Many skeptics however refute the stories as hoaxes or computer manipulation or what not. so my question is:

Do YOU believe in Magic?

I mean real magic, like witches and demons that make potions or spells and can make fire out of thin air, or other creatures that we read about in books like fairies and sprites –

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(I love this picture by the way!)

As a writer I think of these questions all the time. Do I believe in magic? Absolutely! Without a doubt I believe this world has many secrets that only a few lucky people have been able to unlock. Magic is what keeps me believing in the good things in this world like love and kindness. (Of course I also have to believe in my spells and potions or they won’t work – belief is what powers the witch in me.)

I also believe in ghosts and have been known to see one or two in my time.

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My ghosts actually look more like actual people and not just fuzzy see through shapes.





I also believe that animals have a special sense into things that are magical or supernatural. I think that is why I have an affinity for cats. They truly are magical creatures all on their own.

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So back to my original question – Do You believe in Magic? Do you have a story about a ghost you’ve seen or something magical that you witnessed? I would love to hear your stories.

7 responses to “Do you believe in Magic?

  1. I do believe in magic, and I do believe that some people are more sensitive to it than others. I, personally, don’t experience paranormal events–I don’t see ghosts or have premonitions or feel inexplicable cold chills.

    I figure that I am just on the far end of the sensitivity spectrum–the equivalent to being colorblind or tone deaf. I have known enough people who are sensitive to such things, however, that I am confident that they are real, even if I can’t explain them.

    My ex-wife, when we lived in California, would have dreams about earthquakes the night before we had a tremor–it was far to common to be explained by random chance.

  2. I don’t think I believe in magic like that.

    But I do believe there are many, many strange things in this world.

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