Betwixt (Betwixt and Between #1) by Daryna Jones

Betwixt (Betwixt and Between #1) published Feb 18, 2020 by Feather and Leaf, LLC  CDN $14.55 (paperback version)

I borrowed this book from a friend who thought I would be interested. I’m a big fan of Darynda Jones’ Charlie Davidson series. I have to say I loved this book. I love the humour and wit and of course I love anything supernatural. The main character, Defiance (love the name!) was in a bad place at the start and I love how she changes and adapts and comes into her own toward the end of the novel. Lots of mystery and suspense thrown in and of course…the mystery tatooed guy is very intriguing! I don’t want to give anything away, but I’m already into the next book in the series! It’s a great escape book! I love a suspensful, romantic, paranoral read anytime of day or night!  My guilty pleasure 😊

5 stars for me!

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