Cynthia is originally from St. John’s Newfoundland (fondly known as The Rock) and currently resides in Kingston Ontario.  She has four girls Rachelle, Kristen, Rebecca and Amanda, who are a great inspiration to her writing for Young Adults.  Cynthia likes to write stories inspired from her real life, like the time she got sucked into an alternate universe and came across a colony of Demons who nearly captured her for nefarious reasons given her purity of heart.  She narrowly escaped death when she found her inner Witch and destroyed the Demons with her Power and escaped.

Cynthia is firmly entrenched in the world of fantasy and paranormal.  She believes in all things Magical; fairies, witches, dragons and evil little critters that live in the walls.  She wrote her first novel The Witch Guardian trying to convince her little ones that magic was real.  With much success she has hopefully created future generations of fantasy authors.

Cynthia is currently being haunted by a slightly demented friendly ghost whom she has yet to determine if it has good or evil intentions.

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