Amber Sky Forbes- New Young Adult Paranormal Romance Author

I am very excited to be a part of the debut for Amber as her first book is about to be released.  When Stars Die is a Young Adult Paranormal Romance set to be released by ACE publishing on OCT 22, 2013.   

WHEN STARS DIE  is an insightful examination of human suffering and the first installment of The Stars Trilogy.

When Stars Die When Stars die by Amber Skye Forbes.  Release date Oct 22. Price $12.79

Shadowy figures haunt Amelia’s days in Cathedral Reims, and they are waiting for her to join them. Redemption isn’t possible for a witch, but she’s committed her life to trying, as long as she can still protect her younger brother, Nathaniel. What she doesn’t realize is that Nathaniel’s been seeing the figures too, and that both of them are about to be submerged into a much different – and more dangerous – world than they ever knew existed. They unite with the dangerously attractive priest, Oliver Cromwell, in hop


Meet the author

Amber Forbes

Amber Skye Forbes’s first publication was a short story titled “Dead Poet’s Pendulum” published in The Oddville Press when she was nineteen. Since then she has had a few editorial stints: slush pile reader for The Oddville Press, Executive Editor for Sorean: A Gothic Magazine, where she had two installation fiction pieces published, a few articles, and some photography, Editorial and Communications Intern for YALITCHAT, and Founder and Managing Editor of The Corner Club Press. Outside of her writerly life, Amber loves painting, doing photography, playing video games, and mothering her cat. She lives in Grovetown, Georgia where she attends Augusta State University with a track in English middle education.

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Here is what others are saying about this book!

SORIN SUCIU, author of the contemporary fantasy, The Scriptlings:

“Amber’s writing is dark, marked by suffering and a deep understanding of what makes us tick, not to mention tock. Her devastating first-person narrative and present tense combo makes it hard not to be drawn into the story. While “When Stars Die” is categorized under Romance, there is so much more to it than that. Indeed, I would even argue that romance is not even the main dish, but rather the subtle spice that takes the whole plate up a notch.”

CL MANNARINO, avid reader of Young Adult Romance:

“This is a fascinating and thoughtfully plotted debut, and well-written in the technical sense. As my first Christian book, or any book with heavy overtones of spirituality or religiousness, When Stars Die has certainly been an entertaining read.”

3 responses to “Amber Sky Forbes- New Young Adult Paranormal Romance Author

  1. I’m so glad you linked me to this post, When Stars Die sounds like an incredibly interesting read! I doubt I’ll be able to get to it before the end of the year (I already have so many books on my ‘to read in 2013’ list, I doubt I’m going to get through all of them by the end of this year), but I’ll definitely read it sometime 2014 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the help! 🙂

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