Man’s/Women’s best friend? Cats vsDogs?

Why do we refer to dogs as man’s best friend? Is it because they are loyal and loving no matter what? Does the expression refer to men and women or just men? Personally I am a huge fan of Cats. I love cats, all cats, big or small, furry or not. They are far superior to dogs in my experience. Yes they can be a little standoffish at times, but they offer so much love and affection and require little in terms of ‘high maintenance’. I mean I can leave the house for a few days and not have to worry about the cat. (Other than him being pissed when I return and doesn’t mind letting me know it!)

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Ten reasons cats are better than dogs :(in my opinion of course.)

1) You don’t walk a cat. (unless you want to drag it!)

2) You don’t have to pick up poop every day. (a sifting litter box is so much easier)

3) Cat noises don’t bother the neighbors.

4) You don’t have to give it a bath.

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(They HATE water)

5) Cats can sleep on the bed without taking up all the room. (Unless you have a lot of Cats!)

6) Cat’s have personality. Just ask one!

7) Dogs are ‘high maintenance’ needing constant attention.
Cats amuse themselves and are independent.

8) The cat won’t hump your leg.

9) Cats smell nice! Dogs…not so much.

10) Cat’s are very affectionate A purr and a rub and you know you have a friend for life. A dog will lick your face off. (and remember where else that tongue has been! Ewww)

So in conclusion then I infer that Cats are Women’s best friend. And we are so much better than men! Lol I am kidding.

So what do you think? Which do you prefer? Are you a cat lover? Or are you a dog lover? Or perhaps you like reptiles? Let me know in a comment. If you have any addition to my list please feel free to add. I love hearing from you.

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One response to “Man’s/Women’s best friend? Cats vsDogs?

  1. Hi Cynthia! I grew up with cats. One very neurotic and afraid of everything, the other much more laid back. I have tried to have cats as an adult, but the litter box is something that I can’t stand. I have a very acute sense of smell, and I can “sniff” one a mile away. My neighbor has an outdoor cat and it likes to “frequent” my backyard and gets in fights in the middle of the night (yikes!). I do like the fact that cats are not high maintenance, but sometimes they are too standoffish for me.

    Now, I have an 8 pound dog that while she is somewhat high maintenance, is so interactive. Where a cat ignores me most of the time, my dog is right there with me giving me all the affection that I could want! And I don’t walk around with cat hair on my clothes (like I used to growing up)!

    I am not cat averse by any means, but right now for me, a dog is my best friend! ~Deanna

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