Wild West or Outer Space?

When I was a kid I loved to fantasize about everything,  like living in the wild west like The lone Ranger  What I wouldn’t give to have a horse like silver!

My other fantasy was at the extreme end of things since I loved all things Star Trek!     I am so giving away my age using these photos..lol Anyway lets just say I have an active imagination.

These things never go out of date as we can see since these shows have been revived for this generation of fantasizing.  The current lone ranger is phenomenal!    And who doesn’t like Johnny Depp?

The newest Star Trek movie Into Darkness blew me away totally obliterating the competition in my mind!

Forget the cowboys and the old west.  Who wants to live with no hot water and all that dust?  I will take a nice clean space ship with an alien like Spock any  day.

So how about you?  If you could choose between going back to the old west and going future into space, what would you choose?  Of course you can cheat and say both like this:

 Serenity is a Space Western…sounds like an oxymoron but was actually a really great movie based on the TV series Firefly.

an equally great show.

I will still take the Star Trek version of space, but I won’t judge!

So what would you choose?

I love comments so please feel free to leave one!

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