Daily Archives: October 29, 2014

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, no good very bad day – Movie


I have to say that this was a great family flick. I loved it and so did my 8 yr old daughter. We laughed and cried and nearly snorted out our popcorn! The story stars Alexander (played by Ed Oxenbould) as he has the worst day of his young life. From gum in the hair mishaps to catching his crush’s book on fire in science class, the day keeps getting worse and worse.


His family doesn’t seem to acknowledge his very bad day and he makes a wish that they would understand. The result is that each of his family members experiences the equivalent of their worst day ever resulting in some really hilarious antics. Steve Carell plays the dad and is funny as ever. The whole cast does an amazing job creating a mountain of laughter. The rest of the cast includes: Jennifer Garner (mom) Dylan Minnette (brother) and Kerris Dorsey (sister).

The movie is a heartfelt comedy that shows no matter how bad it gets, if you stick together as a family and support each other, nothing can really get you down. Lots of laughs and fun for the whole family.


4 stars for me.