Star Trek actors past and present combined in eerie portraits

I’m a big Star Trek Fan. Check out this article!


Ever wonder what Star Trek Captain Kirks Chris Pine and William Shatner would look like combined? Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy? Well, the internet has the answer anyway.

The deft bit of Photoshopping is the work of artist and Reddit user That NordicGuy, who merged pictures of key members of the Star Trek Into Darkness cast with their original counterparts.

The portraits serve to bridge the gap between the films, which are held in very different regard by fans.

Star Trek Into Darkness was recently voted the worst movie in the franchise’s history at a Star Trek convention, where one blogger noted: ‘Star Trek Into Darkness was met with boos when it was mentioned, and one guy took the mic to say these reboots shouldn’t even be considered for a list of Star Trek movies.’

Spock: Leonard Nimoy/Zachary Quinto

McCoy: DeForest Kelly/Karl Urban

Sulu: George Takei/John Cho

Chekhov: Walter Koenig/Anton Yelchin

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