Are You Being Busy or Fruitful?

Good article by Kristen Lamb author of We Are Not Alone: The Writer’s Guide to Social Media

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We’ve talked about entropy a lot lately. How the dishes are never done and the laundry multiplies when left alone too long. My inside sources (The Dust Bunnies) tell me the dirty laundry, when left too long to their own devices start forming cults, particularly “The Whites.” According to The Bunnies, laundry apparently must sacrifice a sock to their god—Dry-Er—every load so Dry-Er will not smite them.

Um what else did you think Dry-Er lint was made from?

With the proper sacrifice, the laundry can be fruitful and multiply. “The Reds” have been known to give a blood sacrifice on occasion. Yes, your husband’s undershirts will be pink, but the laundry is then blessed with more generations of progeny.

The Dust Bunnies swear on their lives this is true, so they’ve bought a little time. That and the vacuum bags Hubby ordered don’t fit.

So aside from the occult activities…

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One response to “Are You Being Busy or Fruitful?

  1. Lol. You’re not the only person with epic fail road trips in their past. I’m good in small towns etc but get me on a motorway and I get all turned around! Fuel stations are my kryptonite!

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