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Phobias- What are you afraid of?

Many people have a phobia of some sort.  I often wondered if they were brought on by a traumatic event or just some irrational fear with no explanation.  One of the most common phobias is Acrophobia (fear of heights)

 photo by flickriver.com

I hear many people say they are afraid of spiders(Arachnophobia) or snakes (Ophidiophobia) or some other critters.   scary-pictures.feedio.net

I was looking through the internet researching what people fear and was amazed at the amount of phobias there are out there.  I think there is a fear of just about everything…even cats!  (Ailurophobia) seriously how can anyone be afraid of a cute little kitten? weheartit.com

Ok but seriously, fear is very real for the person who is experiencing it no matter how irrational it may sound to others.  I for example have two fears.  First I am afraid of spiders even little tiny ones.  This fear stems from a real experience when I was in the military reserve on an exercise.  I unwittingly slept on a spider’s nest and when I woke up I was covered in bites from my backside to my ankle on one side.  The little buggers bit through my combats!  It was awful.  Been scared to death of them ever since.  I even get my kids to kill the ones that wander into the house.

My other fear is claustrophobia.   I am afraid of tight dark spaces.  I have no explanation for this fear but it is very real.  If I am in a tight space(like a cave) my breathing gets shallow and I feel like I can’t breathe, especially if it is dark.  My mother always told me that there is nothing to fear from the dark because there is nothing there that wasn’t there in the light!  Yeah right!  I know better…


So my question to you is what do you fear?  Is there a rational explanation for it or just something that always was?  Let me know in a comment because I love hearing from you. 🙂