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Wordless Wednesday June 18 – EVERYONE LOVES A HUG!

kittens                             photo courtesy of 1funny.com


I love Wordless Wednesday. I get a kick out of finding the best picture that makes me laugh or go ‘OMG that is so adorable’. So please LEASE LEAVE A COMMENT with either the link to your own Wordless Wednesday post, or just a comment (if you don’t have a blog). Thanks! :D

Hugs to you!

Sometimes it is lonely being a writer.  We write and write and sit in our office/bed/table/corner whatever, and alone we create stories that others enjoy.  Sometimes however we need to get out and see the world and experience the community of other people.  Be it our family…even though we sometimes think they are strange (Mine is!)

imagePhoto courtesy of animalsdeservetolive.com

…or our neighbours or coworkers…People who are like us or … Photo courtesy of sevendesktop.com

…those that are different.. photo courtesy of http://www.catster.com

So today I want you all to go out and give everyone a great big HUG

 Photo courtesy of http://www.catster.com

…to show that you care, and so that you know that you are part of a bigger community.   After all…it isn’t healthy to always be alone!

A great big shout out to all my blogger friends and writers who also make me feel part of a bigger community!