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Happy Canada Day! (upcoming! )

Photo courtesy of TheOreoCat

With Canada Day quickly approaching, I was wondering what everyone’s plans were. It’s been a couple years since anyone has had any celebrations of Canada Day and I, for one, am looking forward to getting out and enjoying the festivities. Traditionally, my girls and I head downtown for the fireworks and some homemade icecream or other treats that are offered on the main street. I can’t wait to do that this year. Let me know what you are all up to this year! Maybe I’ll find something new to enjoy.

Take care and enjoy the holiday with friends and family.

Happy 150th Canada Day!

canada day kittens

Photo by @tinykittensHQ

I wish everyone a safe and fun filled Canada Day!  This is going to be a huge celebration given that it is Canada’s 150th birthday….

Looking forward to all the celebrations especially the fireworks.

Please feel free to post your plans for Canada Day…I love hearing from people and getting ideas

Happy Canada Day!

canada                                     photo by http://www.flickr.com