The Space Between Us – Movie Review


Warning!  Bring a tissue!

This was a fantastic movie!  I am a huge Science Fiction fan and this one did not disappoint.

Synopsis – The movie takes place in the not too distant future.  Earth, as suspected, is depleting its natural resources so we take to looking to the stars to solve the problem.  Technology has evolved so that we can put a space station on Mars and the first 6 astronauts are taking a 4 year posting to settle and see how we can make out on that planet.

The problem arises when the lead astronaut gets pregnant and is not noticed until they are two months into the mission.  She is due shortly after arriving on Mars.  Problem is that since her whole pregnancy has been in a zero G gravity, the baby’s organs are different than normal humans and cannot survive in Earth’s gravity.  His bones are weaker, his heart is larger etc.  The baby (Gardner) remains on Mars after the mom dies giving birth.  The story mostly takes place after Gardner turns 16.

Cast- Britt Roberson plays Tulsa,the 16 year old orphan girl on earth, whom Gardner sparks an online relationship with. Spunky, witty, edgy and charming all rolled into one!  Love the character and the actress who plays her.

Asa Butterfield plays Gardner, the first ever Martian!.  His best friend is a robot and he spends the first 16 years on Mars.  He is cute and funny and a little (ok a lot) nerdy but in a totally endearing lovable way.  You empathise with him immediately.  The actor does an amazing job with this character.

Gary Oldman plays Nathaniel Shepherd the man who founded the project.

Carla Gugino plays astronaut Kendra Wyndham who basically raised Gardner.  Love this actress as well and she does an amazing job.

I was surprised to read that the ratings for this movie were not very good and I’m glad I didn’t know that until after I watched it.  Critics say it’s cheesy and melodramatic.  I get the cheesy comments but I thought it added to the characters.  Maybe I’m more forgiving than most, or just a sucker for a romantic science fiction movie.  Either way….

I don’t want to give away any spoilers but suffice it to say that for me, the movie is amazing.  The science is believable and the story is awesome.  There are some tear jerker moments.  A great combination of romance, drama, suspense and science fiction rolled into one!  Loved it.

5 stars for me!


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