Fire With Fire (Demonblood #2)

Fire with Fire (Demonblood, #2) Fire With Fire (Demonblood #2) by Penelope King.  Published Dec 28, 2013 by Ascension Press.  CDN $1.99 Kindle edition.

It’s been over two months since Lucky and Liora decided their fate outside the cave. Over two months since Kieron left to finish his mission. So why hasn’t he returned? Crushed and confused, Liora finds comfort with a mysterious stranger, a guy whose motives include more than just healing Liora’s broken heart. Meanwhile, Lucky finds herself in the arms of an old friend…the one who has always laid claim to her true soul. When the reason for Kieron’s disappearance becomes known, loyalties will be tested, friends will be betrayed, loves will be lost, and hope will be found. Once and for all, Lucky and Liora will have to chose their destiny. And not everyone will survive their choice.  (Goodreads Excerpt)

Well this one is hard to comment on without giving away too much.  I really enjoyed learning more about Liora/Lucky and how they manage to live their alternate lives the way they do.  It is a very interesting concept that is explored very well.  It amazes me how the author has created two alternate realities that coexist side by side and only occasionally interact.  I thought it would get boring or annoying but it is so interesting and well done that it works.

The love story triangle gets really messy here and I am not normally a fan of this but in this case it works.  What is intriguing is that with Kieron missing, both girls have an opportunity to explore other interests that are separate from each other.   I have a soft spot for Bones which really crushed me to see what happens ( I don’t’ want to spoil it so that is all I will say. ) He is so sweet and caring and full of awesomeness (is that a word?)  Anyway he is my favorite. ..sigh…

The story is action packed and full of adventure from beginning to end with a huge cliff-hanger at the end that makes you want to run out and get the next one.  I am dying to find out how Liora/Lucky deal with their little problem especially now that….oh wait I can’t tell you…sorry you will have to read it to know what I mean. 

5 stars for me!

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