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The Tips to Maximize Conflict in Your Novel

Great article by author Kristen Lamb!

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Whenever I blog about craft, I’m coming from the perspective of a long-time editor. I do understand that the creation process is vastly different from the editing process. I know this because I’ve been on both sides. But, if you want to minimize revisions and rewrites, it helps to have some basic editorial skills in your toolbox.

Since many of you might want to pursue self-publishing, you’re wise to hire an outside editor. The cleaner the text, the lower the bill. Even if you want an agent or to traditionally publish, the tighter the writing, the better the odds your work will earn positive attention.

Line-edit is important and no longer my area of expertise. I put commas everywhere and pay other editors the move them where they need to be. Typos happen even to the best of us. Right now, I’m editing my almost 100,000 word mystery-thriller and *head…

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I have to say I went into this movie with very little expectation.  I had no idea what a Ronin was or really what the movie was about.  It had Keanu Reeves and marital arts…whats not to like?

Loved this movie!

A Ronin is a disgraced Samurai.  The movie is based on a Japanese legend of 47 Ronin who seek revenge for their leader after he is forced to commit ritual suicide for assaulting a court official.   I never heard the story before, so I don’t really know how accurate the movie is to the legend.

I have always likes stories about the Samurai, their unfailing loyalty, honor and integrity above all else is amazing.  The movie tells the story with a little paranormal magic thrown in, as legends often do.  I have to say it made the movie more entertaining.

The cast was phenominal.  Keanu Reeves is a favorite of mine, especially since Matrix.  He plays Kai a half breed who is treated pretty badly by the Japanese samurai, but ends up the hero of the story in the end.  He was raised as a boy by the tengu who are a race of supernatural beings that are popular in Japanese legends.  Kai disagrees with their methods and escapes, and is found my the Samurai leader who takes him in and protects him.

The other main characters are new to me, but did a phenomenal job.   Hiroyuki Sanada (oishi), Ko Shibasaki (Mika), Tadanobu Asano (Kira) and I absolutely loved the character of the Kitsune Witch played by Rinko Kikuchi.  She was so evil and played the part extremely well.  


I watched the movie in 3D which I rarely do (It gives me a headache) but the special effects and cinematography were amazing.

Since watching the movie, I have read a lot of reviews and the general consensus is that the movie was bad.  I must have bad taste then because I thought it was amazing.  It is a movie about Loyalty, honor and heroes with a little magic and paranormal elements thrown in.  I loved it right up until the last ten minutes or so when I said “What? you’re going to end it like that?” but when I thought about it, the movie couldn’t really end any other way given that it is a story about Samurai and their culture.  I won’t spoil it by saying what happens but it was a bit of a shock since I didn’t know much about the story going in.

Overall I give this movie 41/2 stars.  I would even watch it again.

Let me know if you have seen the movie and your thoughts.  Have you heard of the legend of 47 Ronin?  I love hearing other peoples thoughts on movies.  I never agree with the critics.