A Voice at Midnight

A Voice at Midnight A Voice at Midnight by Elizabeth Cole.  Published November 17, 2013 by SkySpark Books.  CDN $0.99 Kindle edition.

Can two troubled souls break a ghostly curse and find true love?

Veronica Swift dreams of traveling the world, but at the insistence of her stepfather, she must leave her dreams behind in order to find a husband. She retreats to historic Wyemont Castle for the Christmas holiday. There she encounters two very different men…and her childhood memories of a ghostly woman in white.

Tristan Ryder lost everything after a terrible turn of luck during the war. Penniless and disgraced, Tristan’s last hope is to help his old friend, Elliot Bantham, find a suitable match during their holiday at the castle.

But the legendary ghosts of Wyemont Castle interrupt the festivities. It seems the spirits have their own plans for the guests. Will Veronica and Tristan unlock the secret surrounding Wyemont? Or will it draw all of them deeper into the tragedy? (Goodreads excerpt)

I was given a copy of this book as a read for review.  I have to say I am really glad I came across this little gem of a story.  I was so engrossed that I read it in one sitting.  It was cute and romantic and exciting and suspenseful and everything that you would want out of a historical romance.  I loved it.

I always love historical romance books.  I love how we get swept up in the emotions of the characters.  This was no exception.  Veronica and Tristan are the cutest couple and you know they have to end up in each other’s arms no matter what gets in the way.  What makes this book different is the ghost story aspect that makes there union both interesting and more difficult. The story itself is very engaging and you absolutely have to know what happens to the ghosts.  I love how the author entangles the story of the ghosts and the story of the main characters and interweaves it into a wonderfully romantic story.

The story is very short (95 pages) but an exceptionally wonderful light read.

I give it 5 stars!

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