Is it Friday Yet? (Nov 21 )

photo by

He is so adorable!  He needs a break…lets pretend it is friday ok?

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4 responses to “Is it Friday Yet? (Nov 21 )

  1. Cynthia quite wishing your life away. Remember live for today because tomorrow may never come. Just enjoy the weekend is coming. I like the cat.
    I’m reading the Casual Vacancy good book. Finished the Cuckoo’s Calling. Not books for younger teens.

  2. This kitten is so adorable! And I do know how that feels.
    Also, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award, but I did so before I saw that you don’t do the award stuff anymore. Sorry about that. But I did want to say that I love your site and I’m glad that you’re back blogging again. 🙂

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