The Witch Guardian


The Guardian has an interesting challenge: how to guard and guide Chelsea, a young witch just coming into her powers, without squelching her independence?

For a time, Chelsea lives a more or less normal life. She has a best friend, Miranda, who is not a witch, but who is very protective and loyal to Chelsea. As Chelsea gets closer to the age when she will come into her full powers, life gets less and less normal. The Guardian has to step in a number of times.

It soon becomes clear to Chelsea that she will soon have to defend herself against a truly evil force–Drake. She also learns something very alarming about herself that she thought was impossible.

The Witch Guardian

I’m sorry to announce that The Witch Guardian is no longer available from the publisher as the company has closed.  There are a few copies available at chapters. You can still purchase a copy of the book from me directly. Please email me directly if interested.

I am looking for a new publisher/agent so hopefully this is a minor setback. I am considering self publishing the book as well.


2 responses to “The Witch Guardian

  1. Hi Cynthia, Lesley here (we met at a training session in Kingston in September, you signed your book for my Zoe) All my girls have now read your book and loved it! It’s my turn next. We are looking forward to yout next book! Lesley (Ottawa)

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